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Our guests are steps away from the best that Rio has to offer. Explore some of Ipanema’s hippest boutiques and shops, cultural scene and nightlife. Indulge and lose yourself in the exuberant beauty of our beaches and forests. We are at the heart of it all: where the City meets the Sea.

Bars & Nightlife

Bar Hopping

Carioca joy of life can be defined by a bar table, lots of friends around it, a great chat, finger foods, and drinks. Hints of our bohemian lifestyle can be felt day and night around the city, and are even more present in the many pubs and bars that cater to all types and tastes. Below is a list of great spots in Ipanema you can easily hop over to:

The culinary section of Veja Rio, the local insert of Veja, a major Brazilian news magazine, recently published a great review of Astor stating that it’s a big success and always crowded, and highly rating the bar in at least 5 different categories: “the Caipirinhas, a good place to flirt, the food, the barman and the draft beer. ….Headquartered in São Paulo and inspired on traditional bars from old-time Rio, this is where the establishment has seen its best performance. Long lines accumulate as customers wait to be seated in the main dining hall or pleasant terrace offering a view of the beachfront.  Paulo Freitas, former barman of the Copacabana Palace, guides and supervises the production of cocktails such as the aromatic Mare, a variation of the Gin Tonic, made with gin, tonic, green olive and a bouquet of thyme, basil and rosemary.  Among the classic drinks, the Bloody Mary is a full-bodied mix of tomato juice, spices and vodka.  From the kitchen, delicious appetizers include the rice balls and the “Besteira à Milanesa,” a warm canapé of breaded steak and cheese. For the hungry, go for the “Picadinho Astor,” starring bits of steak chopped at the tip of the knife, black bean soup, cheese turnovers, poached egg, breaded bananas and farofa (fried manioc flour), or try the seasoned Steak Tartar served with a side of French fries.” (Review from Veja Rio)  Address: Avenida Vieira Souto, 110. Phone: +55(21) 2523-0085.

Bar do Beto
“Despite the hip atmosphere created by the stylish light fixtures and wooden finishings that were a result of a renovation two years ago, Bar do Beto remains one of the neighborhood’s traditional draft beer stronghold. The Brahma draft served on a pint glass is a good call to pair with the long list of appetizers. Among the most ordered are the Frango à Passarinho (crispy fried chicken) and the Filé-mignon Aperitivo (beef tenderloin appetizer).   Also popular are the turnover trio with cheese, beef or shrimp fillings and the generous portion of fried calamari with a side of tartar sauce. The Feijoada here is an everyday dish, served in portions for either one or two people.” (Review from Veja Rio)    Address: Rua Farme de Amoedo, 51. Phone: +55(21) 2523-1105

“Located in a part of Ipanema known for its vibrant nightlife, this spot is famous not only for the four guys who lead the show (actor Bruno de Luca, pilot Cacá Bueno, singer Di Ferrero of the NX Zero band, and rapper Tulio Dek), but also for the parties they throw from Tuesdays to Sundays on the 3rd floor. From the bar, favorite drinks include the Talita, made of sparkling wine, watermelon liqueur and lemon. For those who prefer draft beer, Stella Artois is the best bet. For something to chew on, order the Acarajé bean cake or the Chicken with Pekea-nut fritter, each serving containing eight units. If you are hungry for something more substantial, go for the teriyaki sesame tuna served with asparagus and mashed arracacha root.” (Review from Veja Rio) Address: Rua Vinicius de Moraes, 75. Phone: +55(21) 2522.1809

“When Fernando Kaplan decided to open a tapas restaurant in Rio, he went straight to the source. The Leblon location was launched after a vast field research in Spain. Adaptations to the carioca taste buds notwithstanding, the menu tries to stay as loyal as possible to the Iberian tradition of small servings of recipes produced with high quality ingredients. The Pulpo a la Gallega, an octopus dish served with paprika and potatoes, and the Huevo Loco, chorizo and Serrano ham served over a bed of cream of potatoes and topped with a poached egg, have become classics. For the sweet tooth, make sure you try the churros with chocolate. The Ipanema location has an inspired drink menu, with options such as the Bilbao, a combination of Pacharán Spanish liqueur and orange blossom water, in addition to lemon and cranberry juices. Another good bet is to order the refreshing house sangria, prepared with white wine, lime soda, orange liqueur and fruit.” Address: Rua Garcia D’Ávila, 147. Phone: +55(21) 2247-0234

“In this stately house located on Rua Maria Quitéria, the crowds come and go in two shifts.   Its proximity to the water makes it a mandatory stop for an after-beach drink, while its diverse musical agenda offers live shows starting at 7 pm and attracts the night crowd. Chef Tatiana Abramant’s menu features several choices of large combos. The Mix Bartholomeu combo includes onion-flavored dried beef, flambéed pepperoni sausage, crunchy ribs, fried manioc root, farofa (fried manioc flour) and bottled butter. Another suggestion is a combo that includes breaded shrimp, fried calamari, bait fish appetizer and codfish croquettes. Served in a bottle-size glass, the Caipirinhas can be shared and are available in many flavors including strawberry, sweet lime, regular lime, passion fruit, red berries and pineapple.” (Review from Veja Rio)  Address: Rua Maria Quitéria, 46. Phone: +55(21) 2247-8609

Garota de Ipanema
“There is a story behind this address: hitting the bottle one day at bar, composers Vinicius de Moraes and Tom Jobim sighted the tall, tan, young and lovely Helô Pinheiro walking in her gentle swing to the beach and wrote the international hit that ended changing the name of this bar, once called Bar Veloso. Brahma draft beers and traditional lime Caipirinhas circulate around the tables in a spot that has become a tourist attraction, its walls exhibiting a photo of the Girl from Ipanema in all her youth and splendor. The menu of appetizers is pretty basic: cheese croquettes, fried crispy chicken bits and codfish balls. Other dishes of choice include the breaded shrimp with Greek-style rice and the generous portion of Picanha steak also served with Greek-style rice, French fries, Brazilian-style farofa (fried manioc flour) and vinaigrette sauce.” (Review from Veja Rio)  Address: Rua Vinícius de Morais, 49. Phone: +55(21) 2522-0340

Photo: Astor

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