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Our guests are steps away from the best that Rio has to offer. Explore some of Ipanema’s hippest boutiques and shops, cultural scene and nightlife. Indulge and lose yourself in the exuberant beauty of our beaches and forests. We are at the heart of it all: where the City meets the Sea.


Wining & Dining

Rio will awaken your five senses with its wonders. To indulge your taste buds, stop by the casual B! or Sucomania juice bars and, on cooler days, have sip of coffee at Cafeína, Café da Travessa or Felice Caffé. If you’re looking for a good meal, try some of our favorite restaurants from the list below. They are all close by and delicious!

“Depending on the temperature outside, choose between the cream of corn soup with goat cheese and mushrooms, served with Italian herb bread, or the Namorado sand perch ceviche with sweet chili served over mashed arracacha root.   As an entrée, try the salmon with sake and teriyaki sauce served with a side of rice with sesame, mushrooms and raisins. The duck comfit, served with orange and blue cheese risotto, also comes in half portion. There is a comfortable area with a low counter known as Bubble Bar that offers a tapas menu and a lengthy list of sparkling wines and gourmet beers.” (Review from Veja Rio) Address: Rua Barão da Torre, 538. Phone: +55(21) 3202-2884

Terzetto Ristorante
“At the sophisticated Ipanema location, go for one of the roasts, as they are prepared in an open kitchen. Options include the duo fish fillet with asparagus and seafood risotto and the shrimp with creamy Champagne and paprika sauce, served with apple and raisin rice. Another good bet is the grilled Brazilian slipper lobster with aromatic butter and herbs served with lime risotto. For a less common meat dish, the marinated roasted duck with blackberries and green chili, served with primavera risotto is a good pick. As for pasta, go for the garganelli with porcini mushrooms and prosciutto. Instead of going straight to your entrée, try the little polenta with lamb ragout or the truffled partridge. Recommended dessert: the strawberry trilogy includes strawberry and mango soup with rum, mini almond cream tartlets and ginger chocolate mousse.” (Review from Veja Rio) Address: Rua Jangadeiros, 28. Phone: +55(21) 2521-9610

Zazá Bistro Tropical
“At the corner of Prudente de Morais with Joana Angélica, in Ipanema, the place catches your eye for its blue façade and charming veranda. The space is ideal for a pleasant lunch after the beach – it’s open for lunch from Wednesdays to Sundays. The Sunday menu features beef stew with dark beer and sweet potato, arracacha root and banana, served with a side of grits and sautéed okra. In the evening, candlelit dinner gives the restaurant a romantic aura. On the second floor, customers take their shoes off and sit on big pillows around low tables. A great choice for starters is the tuna and salmon tartar, with tiny little crunchy cubes of carrots and beets, served with a side of very savory wasabi mousse. Next, the braised octopus and squid entrée is served with a mix of wild rice, broccoli and olives, topped with thin strips of lime comfit. Chef Pablo Vidal’s creations can be paired with good, affordable wines. A delicious white is the Passo Blanco 2011, a cross between Pinot Grigio and Torronté.” (Review from Veja Rio) Address: Rua Joana Angélica, 40. Phone: +55(21) 2247-9101

La Carioca Cevicheria
“The famous Peruvian ceviche is a specialty of this small restaurant located at the busy Rua Maria Angélica. Customers fill up the tiny indoor and outdoor seating spaces to savor variations of the original dish, which is cooked in lime juice. The drinks menu includes choices of Pisco, a strong Peruvian kind of brandy distilled from grapes.” (Review from Veja Rio) Address: Rua Garcia D’ávila 173. Phone: +55(21) 2522-8184

Pizzeria Capricciosa
“The pizza pies are skillfully prepared by experienced pizzaiolos and topped with high-quality Italian ingredients, such as fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, ham and cheese. There are more than 40 flavors to choose from, served in individual (30-cm pie) or family (35-cm pie) sizes. The Barra location offers an even bigger, 40-cm pie. A recent addition to the menu is the Basilicata, topped with prosciutto, burrata, black olives and basil (no tomato sauce). Another suggestion is the Toscana, with pork loin sausage, leek and oregano. For those who like to try something different, there are several options of calzone, like the delicious Vicentino filled with codfish, onions, leek, heavy cream, hardboiled egg and parsley. All four locations offer a wide selection of antipasti displayed behind a counter, including delicious servings of pastrami, grilled zucchini and tuna and navy bean salad.” (Review from Veja Rio)  Address: Rua Vinicius de Moraes, 134. Phone: +55(21) 2523-1169

Via Sete
“Elaborated by Swiss chef Felix Optiz, the menu brings several tasty options of grilled meats, such as the Chorizo steak and Veal würstel – recipes that contributed to winning last year’s award of best fast dining cuisine by “Comer & Beber,” Veja magazine’s culinary insert. The order includes a salad, a side dish and a sauce of your choice. Another strong point is the hamburgers section of the menu. One of the choices, the Moulin Rouge, is served with goat cheese, red onion and pink pepper comfit with a choice of fries or green salad. The wrap was the chain’s flagship product when it first opened at Rua Sete de Setembro. There are only two wraps on the menu now, and we recommend the one filled with Carpaccio, arugula, sundried tomatoes and pesto.   For dessert, try the Belgian chocolate brownie with ice cream.” (Review from Veja Rio)  Address: Rua Garcia D’Ávila, 125. Phone: +55(21) 2512-8100

Photo: Zazá Bistro Tropical

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