Steps away from the beach and at the heart of Ipanema’s cultural scene, enjoy the day at the beach until sunset, hang out at the local bars for an informal drink, and follow with a special dinner at some of Rio’s most delightful restaurants. All of this at a walking distance from the best of both worlds, where the city meets the sea.


2.5km Ipanema Inn is just a short walk from Copacabana. On a nice day, you can stroll on the beach and reach the heart of Copacabana in less than 30 minutes.

Sugar Loaf

7.2km The Sugar Loaf is one of the most impressive attractions Rio has to offer. Ask our concierge what are the best hours to visit so you can see the most spectacular views of Rio while avoiding the crowds and long lines.

GIG Airport

24km GIG is the code for Rio’s international airport, also known as Galeão/Tom Jobim. Located just north of the city, it is a 30-minute drive from Ipanema Inn.


13.4km Santos Dumont is Rio de Janeiro’s local airport and is a 20-minute drive from Ipanema Inn.


3.7km One of Rio de Janeiro’s most treasured parks, the Botanical Gardens are a great option for those who want to enjoy a peaceful and idyllic morning stroll.


12km Standing tall at the summit of the Corcovado Mountain, the iconic Statue of Christ the Redeemer watches over the city and its people. The site is 25 minutes from Ipanema Inn, but make sure to check with the concierge before you plan a visit, as peak hours, long lines and bad weather may turn an otherwise magical experience into an unpleasant endeavor.

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Samba, none other

Mondays and Fridays

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Garden of Delights

All year round

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Rio’s Museums

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Eye on Lapa

All year round

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Tropical Art Deco

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