Steps away from the beach and at the heart of Ipanema’s cultural scene, enjoy the day at the beach until sunset, hang out at the local bars for an informal drink, and follow with a special dinner at some of Rio’s most delightful restaurants. All of this at a walking distance from the best of both worlds, where the city meets the sea.

Pao de Açúcar
Aeroporto Internacional Tom Jobim
Aeroporto Santos Dumont
Jardim Botânico



“Rua”, the current collective exhibition of MAR

Jan > April 2020

“Rua”, the current collective exhibition of MAR, brings together 80 works by artists such as Carlos Vergara, Evandro Teixeira and Paula Trope until April. Until the 1st of April, the... Read More →


In Rio you can find typical snacks and dishes from all different regions of Brazil. Feira de São Cristóvão Traditional Northeastern Market. The Barraca da Chiquita serves an unforgettable creamy... Read More →

Samba, none other

Mondays and Fridays

Pedra do Sal is an important historic site and is currently one of the liveliest spots in the city for samba lovers.  Located at Praça Mauá, near the seaport district... Read More →

Garden of Delights

All year round

Rio’s Modern Museum of Art (MAM) is a showcase of great architecture and its exhibits are well worth a visit, but if you want to enjoy the weekend like a... Read More →

Rio’s Museums

We have lots of stories to tell, with many museums spread around town to tell them, showing Rio’s connection to art, sports, music and fashion to locals and visitors alike.... Read More →

Eye on Lapa

All year round

You’ve probably already heard of Lapa, its deactivated aqueduct being one of the most typical postcard images of Rio.  The heart of bohemian Rio is well worth visiting and experiencing, from... Read More →